in Fatherhood

Rowan, the littlest Mirza

Parenting on (somewhat) easy mode

From the moment I first met Rowan Eloise – First of Her Name, Second in Line to the Throne of Mizaros, the Twice-Napped, the Always Soiled and, most importantly, the Self Soother – I knew she was going to be an easy baby. Nadia, our oldest daughter, screamed  bloody murder during her first and only night in the hospital. Then, she repeated the act at home. It took so many months for her to sleep through the night that, when she finally did, we woke up terrified that something had happened to her.

Rowan, unlike her sister, is a thumb-sucker. While we’re not looking forward to breaking her of this habit, it has made it easier for her to find her chill when something is not right. It also means that she sleeps really, really well. In fact, Rowan started sleeping through the night at four months. We just put her in her crib, she turns on her side, puts her thumb in her mouth and passes out.

Now at almost nine months old, she continues to show a knack for doing things on her own. She’ll snatch a bottle out of my hands and feed herself. She’s perfectly happy shoveling puffs into her face. And she will taste pretty much anything at ground level, which usually means she’s eating shoes.

I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. As more of that assertive personality comes out, will we have even more issues down the line than we did with Nadia? Rowan’s sister is brilliant, and a born leader in the classroom. But she also has a fiery temper. Rowan can be feisty, too. But the list of possible causes for her foul temper is short. Most of the time, our remorseless eating machine wants food.

What we couldn’t predict is that she’d be even more active than Nadia was at the same age. This makes reading time difficult, since she can’t sit still for long. Additionally, Rowan’s new favorite pastime is doing flips while I’m attempting to change her.

But I can’t worry too much about where we go from here. This early stage has been pleasant, and Rowan has a great big sister to show her the ropes. If anything, it’s bittersweet that she’ll be our last kid (the urologist saw to that), but it’s better, I suppose, to go out on a high note.