in Fatherhood

Get smart

Or get stuck in traffic trying

Tomorrow, Trump is holding a rally one mile from my daughter Nadia’s school. Everyone is in panic mode. Will traffic be a nightmare? Do Trump’s supporters pose a risk to the students and staff? Why does Trump even need to hold a rally months after he won the election?

Busineses in the area are closing early, but the school district has decided to stay the course, which is admirable. I mean, Trump is the one who sucks – why should students have to miss out on a day of learning just because he wants to rile up his base?

At best, she’ll have a normal day of classes, with a longer than average commute. At worst, traffic will be a horror show the likes of which has never been seen. But, hey, at least I’ll be driving away from the madness when I pick Nadia up from school.