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Much ado about Trump things

He came, and, with little effort, we survived.

President Trump is probably the only septuagenarian who comes to Phoenix in the summer. Though there was a lot of hubbub about the rationale for his visit and the impact it would have on the surrounding schools and businesses, in the end not much came of it.

I had already planned to leave work early since childcare at my daughter’s school was being cut by one hour. But I left even earlier to account for traffic. Aside from a tense five-minute period in which not a single car on the I-10 was moving (due to a disabled vehicle) the trip into dowtown Phoenix was relatively easy.

The city had done most of the heavy lifting by sending government workers home early, and many businesses did the same. Downtown was a ghost town. The ride home was a non-issue because I was fleeing the madness, not riding headlong into it. I’m not sure what I expected, but I’m glad the city didn’t descend into chaos and protests.