in Fatherhood

Genius child

Apparently my first born has the mind of a scientist

So I was in the drop-off lane at Nadia’s school, waving to her as she made the short journey toward the cafeteria, when the principal waved hello to me. Then, noticing Nadia, she struck up a conversation with her, and they walked off together.

I didn’t think anything of this at first. The principal is friendly and treats all the children with the same respect you’d give an adult. Nadia’s school is a Montessori, and empowering children to do things independently is, like, the whole deal there. So whatever.

Then, we stumbled upon the principal at the supermarket, and she remembered Nadia’s name and made small talk. Crazy coincidence, again, but I suppose a principal gets good at remembering names after seeing hundreds of kids pass through her school gates. Again, I shrugged the whole thing off.

Our conference with Nadia’s teacher is fast approaching. Naturally, being the paranoid parents that we are, Kathleen and I wondered how Nadia was handling kindergarten. Was she talking incessantly, instead of working? Was she doing art when she was supposed to be writing cursive (probably, given the number of drawings she brings home each day)?


As it turns out, Nadia is not only one of the top two students in her class, she is also doing some sort of test with the principal.

The narcissistic side of me wants to take credit for Nadia’s eloquence and intellect – we’ve basically been reading to her since the day she was born (she fell asleep in the middle of the first book, but it was a start). But there’s a small part of me that believes Nadia’s just damn smart, and we only nurtured her potential with the books, museum trips and endless battles to limit her TV time (we’re losing that war, ultimately). Clearly, we just have to keep doing whatever right thing we’re doing.

The only question now is, what about Rowan?