Lurking fear


Or “Life as a professional word person”

In the world of writing, there are two poles. To the north, you have blogs, diaries and the doodle you made on a Post-It note that you’re just going to toss in the trash at the end of the day. The South Pole is where the real stuff happens – your novels, magazine articles, poems and other, legitimate forms of writing with stakes involved. In other words, someone other than you has to care about the words you’re producing.

Everywhere else on this planet is an uninhabitable hell hole. Continue reading

The Power of Positive Partying

Maybe it’s time to stop aspiring to be like Andrew WK and just go full throttle.

Man, I talk a good game about how I ooze positivity, but at the end of the day I’m really just a joyless buzzkill. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Sitting in rush-hour traffic. Dealing with a five-year old who refuses to take “no” for an answer. These things wear me down and harsh my mellow.

But they shouldn’t. Hey, if I can commit to writing every day for 100 days (and counting), I sure as hell can commit to be a well of positivity for that same duration. I’m going to party hard, but not for reals. It’s more like life is the party, and I have to stop being the dude who sulks in the corner.

Day one starts tomorrow.

Vice Principals

Vice principals

Gamby is back, baby!

Who’s the masked shooter?
While I figure it all out,
I’ll kick student ass.

IT: A review


The horror movie genre will never be the same.

We saw IT this afternoon, and I gotta say that this has the potential to turn the whole genre on its head. A talented cast. Striking cinematography. The complete and utter absence of cheap scares. What’s going on here?

Well, for starters, this isn’t a horror movie in the traditional sense. It’s more like a coming-of-age film about a bunch of kids facing their fears – and it just so happens that the thing they fear is a shape-shifting clown from another dimension who eats children. You know, that old chestnut. Continue reading

Counting On

Counting on

The only show I legitimately “hate watch”

Why so many kids?
If you keep popping them out
Earth’s gonna get crowded.

Endless tinkering

I’m too busy messing around with my $30 mini computer to actually enjoy it

It started with an old-school arcade game about some military dudes battling Nazis, called Metal Slug. I was running it on a tiny computer called a Raspberry Pi, through some software called RetroPie, which emulates (or mimics) video game hardware. Essentially, you can play Nintendo games without having a Nintendo, Genesis games without owning a Sega Genesis, and, most relevant to this story, coin-operated arcade games without having giant wooden game cabinets taking up space in your garage. Continue reading

Long meetings

Long meetings

AKA “The Bane of My Professional Existence”

I’m being talked at.

Jesus, when’s our potty break?

And where’s the coffee?

A long day dreaming into night


That moment when you realize you can’t let your dreams be dreams, or something

My mind tends to wander. I imagine the tattoos I’ll (probably) never get. I picture myself running an ultra marathon in Death Valley or becoming the next Stephen King. I could take a vacation from reality and try to live those versions of myself in the vast recesses of my head space. But then it occurs to me that the only thing separating the person I am now from the one I daydream about is my determination to close the gap. And that’s equal parts scary and exhilarating.



A requiem for the expensive shades I lost six years ago

Silver sunglasses,
you made me look so damn cool.
Where did you go?