in Writing

Every day is war

In the figurative sense, obviously

Sometimes – okay, let’s be real, most of the time – I need a proverbial kick in the plums to remind me that it’s not okay to settle for mediocrity. Yeah, the ol’ noggin has ideas, and these fingers are capable of getting them down in a hundred different ways. But hammering the keyboard like a drunken monkey is only half the battle.

There’s the other side, the tedious side, that I struggle with: editing. in my caffeinated stupor, I don’t slow down enough to make sure that each of my totally sick sentences is free of errors.

Editing is part and parcel to writing. And I have to start living like every single day is a battle for flawless prose. Because right now I’m sitting on the fence – unwilling to stop at the straightforward line but uncaring about whether a mistake makes it into the hundred or so directions in which I take that line. Even one error is too many.

It’s time to hop off the fence, accept that I can’t be both a bomb-ass writer and lazy proofreader and move toward my destiny, bros. Because, shockingly, there are people out there who see potential in me, and I can’t let them, or myself, down.