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Lights Out

31 Days of Horror, Day 11

I would like to propose 10 alternate titles for Lights Out, a 2016 horror film about some weird shadow thing that torments a family when – wait for it – the lights go out.

  1. Depression is a Shadow Monster: The Movie
  2. Ninety Minutes of a Shadow Monster Scratching Wood Flooring
  3. A Really Heavy-Handed Metaphor for the Fact That Your Depression Affects Loved Ones
  4. But the Metaphor Doesn’t Work Because Some Random Woman Saw the Monster
  5. Also Shadow Monster Kills a Cop
  6. And the More I Think About it, Suicide Also Has a Ripple Effect
  7. So Ultimately That Should Not Have Killed the Monster
  8. But I’m Just Some Guy – I Didn’t Write the Script for Lights Out
  9. I Only Had to Watch and Analyze It
  10. The Babbadook: Kidz Bop Edition