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Knock Knock

31 Days of Horror, Day 21

I didn’t have high hopes for this movie. The reviews were bad, and the only thing casual audiences seemed to like about Knock Knock was the nudity. Still, I was prepared to give this movie a chance. Then, my wife said, “Oh, Eli Roth directed this.”

Damn. While Roth kept his trademark tongue-in-cheek humor intact and abandoned the excessive gore, I was too put off by the terrible acting to enjoy the fact that Roth finally learned what subtlety is. So I’m not going to waste any more time reviewing this movie. Instead, enjoy this:

5 Possible Reasons Keanu Reeves Agreed to Do This Picture:

  1. Free trip to Chile (Knock Knock, inexplicably, was filmed entirely in South America.)
  2. The chance to work with a director who won’t demand an ounce of nuance from his performance
  3. An opportunity to dissect moral dilemmas, like “free pizza” – totally ignoring the fact that two beautiful woman showing up at the doorstep of a married man is nothing like finding free pizza. One might give you an STD. The other’s probably been poked and probed by someone with dirty fingers. I’ll let you puzzle out which is which.
  4. A method acting exercise. Maybe I wasn’t watching Keanu Reeves, the actor, but Keanu Reeves playing a has-been DJ who lands a role in a low-budget Eli Roth film.
  5. Ana  de Armas