Genius child

Apparently my first born has the mind of a scientist

So I was in the drop-off lane at Nadia’s school, waving to her as she made the short journey toward the cafeteria, when the principal waved hello to me. Then, noticing Nadia, she struck up a conversation with her, and they walked off together.

I didn’t think anything of this at first. The principal is friendly and treats all the children with the same respect you’d give an adult. Nadia’s school is a Montessori, and empowering children to do things independently is, like, the whole deal there. So whatever.

Then, we stumbled upon the principal at the supermarket, and she remembered Nadia’s name and made small talk. Crazy coincidence, again, but I suppose a principal gets good at remembering names after seeing hundreds of kids pass through her school gates. Again, I shrugged the whole thing off. Continue reading



The kind kids get in the arm

Through a stream of tears
Nadia counts down from ten.
It’s over at two.

Get smart

Or get stuck in traffic trying

Tomorrow, Trump is holding a rally one mile from my daughter Nadia’s school. Everyone is in panic mode. Will traffic be a nightmare? Do Trump’s supporters pose a risk to the students and staff? Why does Trump even need to hold a rally months after he won the election?

Busineses in the area are closing early, but the school district has decided to stay the course, which is admirable. I mean, Trump is the one who sucks – why should students have to miss out on a day of learning just because he wants to rile up his base?

At best, she’ll have a normal day of classes, with a longer than average commute. At worst, traffic will be a horror show the likes of which has never been seen. But, hey, at least I’ll be driving away from the madness when I pick Nadia up from school.

Rowan, the littlest Mirza

Parenting on (somewhat) easy mode

From the moment I first met Rowan Eloise – First of Her Name, Second in Line to the Throne of Mizaros, the Twice-Napped, the Always Soiled and, most importantly, the Self Soother – I knew she was going to be an easy baby. Nadia, our oldest daughter, screamed  bloody murder during her first and only night in the hospital. Then, she repeated the act at home. It took so many months for her to sleep through the night that, when she finally did, we woke up terrified that something had happened to her. Continue reading