The Babysitter

The Babysitter

31 Days of Horror, Day 18

Right off the bat, this movie had two strikes against it. First, it’s directed by McG. Second, it’s a straight-to-Netflix horror comedy. While The Babysitter started out promising, unraveling the mystery of what the titular character does when the kid she’s watching falls asleep wasn’t worth 85 minutes of our time.

What is she up to?
Much like this McG-helmed film,
it doesn’t matter.



31 Days of Horror, Day 16

I’m going to break precedent here and actually give context for a haiku. Howl is a 2015 British indie horror film about a train terrorized by werewolves. We found it tedious, yet a fairly accurate representation of the horrors that await anyone who chooses to use mass transit. I’ve seen NYC subway videos on YouTube, fam.

Like any train ride:
dull, with the slightest chance that
you may be bitten.

Jason X

31 Days of Horror, Day 12

Premarital sex!
Even in the depths of space,
it makes Jason mad.

Working the numbers

Or “How I learned to stop worrying and love logic puzzles”

Sudoku consumes —
my world a nine-by-nine grid,
waiting to be filled.

Movie hiatus

Because any film I watched probably would have sucked anyway

Kathleen’s out of town.
Time to eat some McDonald’s,
and play retro games.

Property Brothers

Property Brothers

Open concept – it’s always an open concept

One of them buys homes –
the other knocks down walls that
separate two rooms.


Yeah, I paid to see it in a theater again – what’s it to you?

Poor Hoban Washburne.
You can’t take the sky from him –
but his life? Clearly.