IT: A review


The horror movie genre will never be the same.

We saw IT this afternoon, and I gotta say that this has the potential to turn the whole genre on its head. A talented cast. Striking cinematography. The complete and utter absence of cheap scares. What’s going on here?

Well, for starters, this isn’t a horror movie in the traditional sense. It’s more like a coming-of-age film about a bunch of kids facing their fears – and it just so happens that the thing they fear is a shape-shifting clown from another dimension who eats children. You know, that old chestnut. Continue reading

Dead Cross @ Marquee Theatre

Three bands and a (punk) baby

I dig Mike Patton’s work ethic. He’s been in like 100 bands, but people mainly know him from his work in Faith No More, since it’s the project that sold the most records, got air time on MTV and sounds radio-friendly (some of the time). But he never stopped making the rounds.

When I heard he was doing a hardcore punk thing Dave Lombardo from Slayer and a couple of maniacs from The Locust (a band known to perform in nothing but diapers and gas masks) and Retox (which rose from the ashes of The Locust), I was more than intrigued. I pre-ordered the album without even thinking about it. And, then, when I heard they were coming to Tempe, I bought tickets just as fast. Continue reading

Gross in a good way

A review of Incantation’s new album, Profane Nexus

On their tenth outing, the death metal veterans continue down a path of guttural vocals, ever-shifting tempos and riffs so sludgy they’re practically filth.

Continue reading