An ode to eggs

Nature’s perfect food

I could eat eggs at every meal. Like, my ideal restaurant would serve nothing but breakfast. Eggs and bacon, Eggs Benedict, omelets, scrambles — heck, even French toast has its place (it is soaked in eggs, after all).

My love of eggs goes back to childhood. One of my favorite dinners growing up was hard-boiled eggs and potatoes. My parents w0uld do them in the same pot. When the eggs and potatoes were peeled, I’d get a plate with a bit of both, mash them together and slather the whole thing in ketchup. It sounds simple — and it is — but simplicity is the essence of comfort food. And who doesn’t want eggs for dinner?

For the most part, however, I save my eggs for breakfast. Four or five days a week, I go for a run, shower and then hit the kitchen. I toast up some sourdough bread, and while that’s going, I preheat my non-stick pan. Into the microwave goes the sausage (sometimes I’ll make bacon on the stove if time allows).  When the pan’s hot, I drop in just a touch of butter. Four eggs go in. I cook them until the whites are just set, kill the heat and flip the eggs over. The toast gets buttered while the eggs hang out, usually for about a minute. Once the toast is done the eggs go right on top.

The beauty of this whole setup is that when you slice into the egg, all of that awesome yolk goo saturates the toast. When you get a bit of egg white together with that yolk-soaked bread, it’s like a one-way trip to Flavortown. Variations for this breakfast abound: sometimes, instead of butter, I’ll mash up some avocado on the bread and let the egg go to bed on top of that. When I’m feeling luxurious, I’ll do a slice of smoked salmon – almost a poor man’s Eggs Benedict. You could probably melt some cheese on the toast, too. I don’t know. You do you.

Unfortunately, my wife isn’t into eating eggs at every meal because she’s a normal person with regular tastes, so I only get to indulge my obsession with eggs when the dish calls for it, such as when I make spicy Chinese noodles. But I’ll always have breakfast.