31 Days of Horror, Day 16

I’m going to break precedent here and actually give context for a haiku. Howl is a 2015 British indie horror film about a train terrorized by werewolves. We found it tedious, yet a fairly accurate representation of the horrors that await anyone who chooses to use mass transit. I’ve seen NYC subway videos on YouTube, fam.

Like any train ride:
dull, with the slightest chance that
you may be bitten.

Movie hiatus

Because any film I watched probably would have sucked anyway

Kathleen’s out of town.
Time to eat some McDonald’s,
and play retro games.

Property Brothers

Property Brothers

Open concept – it’s always an open concept

One of them buys homes –
the other knocks down walls that
separate two rooms.


Yeah, I paid to see it in a theater again – what’s it to you?

Poor Hoban Washburne.
You can’t take the sky from him –
but his life? Clearly.

Vice Principals

Vice principals

Gamby is back, baby!

Who’s the masked shooter?
While I figure it all out,
I’ll kick student ass.