All hail our (sort of) new iPhone overlords

A few hours with the iPhone SE

As much as I like to think I’m a minimalist – the kind of person who lives with only the most bare essential possessions – I’m really not. I mean, I own no less than three Raspberry Pi microcomputers, a Chromecast I haven’t used in almost a year (because it’s pretty useless) an Apple TV and an iPad Pro.

Frankly, I just have a lot of stuff. But one thing I have been good about is only replacing those objects when they break. Case in point: the iPhone 5 I’ve owned, in one form or another, for over four years. When the first one kicked the bucket a little over a year ago because of a swollen battery and failing home button, the Apple Store tech offered me an out-of-warranty replacement for $60. And I’ve been using that one until today. Continue reading