Bringing down The Wall

The wall

And other predictable things that happened on Game of Thrones

Over the course of nearly 80 minutes, Game of Thrones moved toward its end game with a list of twists so utterly obvious to anyone paying the bare minimum amount of attention that I had to go back to a previous recap to check and see if I got them all.

I hesitate to say, “Call me Kobe,” because Black Mamba was known for taking impossible shots, and these were rather easy. So maybe just call me “Kevin Durant wide open at the top of the key:” Continue reading

Hot takes: Game of Thrones

Do the writers know there are only six episodes left?

I don’t think I can muster the enthusiasm to write whole paragraphs about this show any more. As predicted, none of the major players in the Fellowship of Expendable Characters bit the dust. And Dany continues to illustrate why she’s the last person who should sit on the Iron Throne. Other thoughts:

  • Knowing that the Dorne plot goes absolutely nowhere is going to make reading those sections of the next book (which we’re never getting) really painful.
  • Well I guess The Wall is pretty useless, seeing as how Dany’s recklessness gave the Night King a freaking dragon, which, you know can fly.
  • Speaking of which – was there ever any doubt that Jon was going to survive those seemingly insurmountable odds against the Night King’s army? He’s fire. Dany’s ice. They’re basically the show’s end game.
  • Continuing on that note, the show’s increasing reliance on deus ex machina is draining the suspense from what should be tense moments. But as the cast gets leaner, they really can’t afford to lose people.
  • Sansa sent Brienne away to plant a trap for Littlefinger, right? I mean, dude is up against a trained assassin, a Three-Eyed Raven and, um, Sansa. He’s going to lose.
  • I am enjoying The Hound’s redemption arc and am cautiously optimistic that Jaime will continue to not be stupid.

Game of Thrones, “Eastwatch”

They remembered to save something for the finale

After a breathless four episodes, it seems the folks in the writers’ room over at HBO figured out that they have to give all the people who cancel HBO Now after Game of Thrones wraps up for the season a reason to renew their accounts when the show comes back. So basically this episode was just one big setup for an epic finale.

Which is fine. We did get the long-awaited Tyrion/Jaime reunion, and all the emotional baggage that comes with it. There’s some great acting there between Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (whose name I will never not have to Google). Of course for all the effect the revelations of that conversation had on Jaime, Cersei dismisses Tyrion’s offer, and the news that he didn’t kill Joffrey, with just a smirk and gritted teeth. Continue reading